Escobar's Highland Farm

Portsmouth, RI
98 acres
90 milking cows

“Life’s dream”

Since 1937, Escobars have farmed on Rhode Island’s beautiful Aquidneck Island. Louis Escobar is only a year younger than the family farm where he grew up. “So many young people want to be this movie star or want to be an astronaut, or something fantastic,” he says in “Forgotten Farms,” a documentary about New England dairying. “Louis Escobar wanted to be a dairy farmer,” he continues, referring to himself. “I’ve lived my life’s dream.”

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I've lived my life's dream. That's an incredible thing to know. I'm thankful for that every day.
- Louis Escobar


The farm has been repeatedly recognized as the state’s Green Pastures Outstanding Dairy Farm of the Year. Louis was instrumental in creating a line of RhodyFresh brand of local dairy products. The family also operates a very busy fall agritourism program run by Louis’s daughter, Lori, plus they host a big firework display every July 4 for the whole community to enjoy. To take advantage of the flow of tourists in the area, they also created an inn in a classic New England farmhouse across from the farm, which is run by a hired manager. “Every little bit helps,” says Louis. Plus, his wife adds, “It’s all about bringing people onto the farm and letting them see a real farm, see what goes into it."

Escobar Farm has a busy fall calendar of events from pumpkins to an a-mazing corn maze! Looking for a unique getaway? Book yourself a beautiful stay at the comfortably elegant Escobar’s Farmhouse Inn.

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