Emergo Farm

Danville, VT
200 acres
150 milking cows

Come and stay a while

At Emergo Farm Bed & Breakfast, guests can enjoy a relaxing country vacation with beautiful views and a warm farm-family welcome to a sixth-generation dairy operation. The farm dates back to 1858 when Bebo Webster’s great-great-great grandparents began farming in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. The original barns were built in the 1890s with craftsmanship you don’t see much anymore, fastened with the pegs of traditional post-and-beam construction. Visitors can even see the original outhouse, although they don’t have to use it.

Old photos show Emergo Farm’s history.
Justin Webster is the sixth generation on the farm.

Looking to get away? Check out the really unique vacation experience offered at Emergo Farm. 

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