Elm Lea Farm at the Putney School

Putney, VT
500 acres
35 milking cows

Fresh milk and more

Students at The Putney School drink some of the freshest milk around. They also play a major role in producing it through their work with the school’s 35-cow dairy herd. And milk is far from the only benefit the high schoolers get from the on-school farm, which includes several acres of vegetables, pigs, turkeys and laying hens. Beyond the dining hall, the farm also plays a critical role in the experiential learning approach at this progressive, independent high school.

The students do all the chores.
I was looking for a different kind of education. You don't get more different than the Putney School. This is truly hands-on learning.
- Delilah Cravens

The Putney School has a strong emphasis on sustainability. Follow their students and faculty on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


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