Eagle's Nest Farm

Chateaugay, NY
420 acres
80 milking cows

Deeply dairy

Bill Harrigan has been in dairy his whole life, but not always hands-on farming. He grew up on a dairy farm but worked for McCadam, a brand in the Cabot family, for 20 years before he decided to dive directly back into the field of agriculture. He also owns a handful of rental properties and a convenience store called Bill’s Bait and Beer that caters to local fishermen. “My first desire was to be a dairy farmer,” he says. I’m very satisfied with my life path to-date.

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Agri-Mark board member Bill Harrigan, talks about the co-op as an extended family.

Steward of the land

Bill and his wife, Angie, a teacher, raised their four childrenAngelica, Jamie, Austin, and Oliviaon the farm. We have been dairy farmers ever since my grandfather emigrated from Ireland,” Bill says. My mom and dad raised ten sons and three daughters on the family dairy farm. Its a great place to raise a family.” Beyond that satisfaction, Bill adds, he’s proud of the contribution he has made through his work: “Farming to me means that we’re stewards of the land and responsible for raising a nutritious product for people across the country.

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