Dunn Farm

Berwick, ME
100 acres
46 milking cows

Nothing fancy

Freddy Dunn tried working a factory job once only to quickly realize that, like his cows, he needs to get outside every day. He grew up farming with his dad. “It’s all he’s known,” says his wife, Denise. She does the farm’s books and works for the local police department: “I have a sign in my kitchen,” she says chuckling:For every great farmer, there’s a spouse who works in town.” Every summer, the family grows sweet corn, tomatoes and cucumbers to sell from a roadside farmstand. “It’s nothing fancy,” says Denise—but it’s all part of keeping things going.

Farm Stand

Sharing their story

The Dunns consider themselves lucky to have both of their daughters around, though they work off-farm. Ashlee, the eldest, lives with her husband and two kids on the farm. “It’s a joy, a real blast to have the grandkids here,” Denise says. “They don’t worry about getting dirty and they love to help feed the calves.” Both Ashlee and her sister, Marey, motivated the family to get involved with Maine Open Farm Day. “They liked growing up on the farm,” their mother says. “They realize that there are people who don’t know where their milk comes from. This is a way for us to share what we do here.”


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