Donovan Dairy at Bos-Haven Farm

Verbank, NY
Rented 60 acres
150 milking cows

Accidental farmer

Brian Donovan grew up in suburban Connecticut with no family connection to farming—or any connection to farming for that matter. He had a dog and a cat growing up and he liked animals, he says, but that was it. Brian was considering becoming a plumber until he took a short-term summer job after high school graduation. “I thought I was just going to paint this guy’s barn,” he says with a chuckle, “but he had dairy cows and they seemed interesting to me. I kept working for him and eventually ended up buying his cows.” 

Brian Donovan never planned to work with animals until he took a job painting a barn.
Around here prime agricultural land is pressured by urban sprawl. The scenery is phenomenal in the Hudson Valley.
- Brian Donovan
Brians parents are supportive but think this career choice is a little different.
Brian was happy to find Tim Marshall's multi-generation Bos-Haven Farm as a home for his herd.

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