Don-Sher Farm

Ellenburg Center, NY
200 acres
60 cows

Perfect place

Don and Sherry McNeil both grew up on local dairy farms in the rich farming community of Ellenburg Center, New York, just a few miles south of the Canadian border. In 1984, the couple started renting the property that would become Don-Sher Farm when they bought it two years later. Sherry’s mother had lived on the same farm, then known as Bilows Potato Farm, when she was a child. “The place was perfect for us,” Sherry says.

Family Activities
I love working with the animals. They need us, we need them. It's meaningful, this work we do.
- Sherry McNeil

Top quality

Don-Sher has been named among the highest quality milk producers in New York. They have won numerous awards for their milk quality from Agri-Mark, including the Super Dairy Award, as well as multiple Dairy Distinction Awards from the state. The McNeils are also committed to making their operation more environmentally sustainable and have installed wind turbines to generate electricity.

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