Dimock Farms LLC

Peru, NY
600 acres
270 cows

Three generations

Three generations work side-by-side at Dimock Farm where attention to detail is meticulous. Don Dimock grew up working on his uncle’s farm as a teenager, earned an agricultural degree and working for eight years gaining hands-on work experience before he and his wife, Martha, bought their farm in 1971.

Do everything as well as you can, every day. That's how we live and work here on the farm. That's how we choose to live and work.
- Don Dimock

Happy cows, great milk

The farm is a model of best practices for students and others who visit, with countless top-quality milk awards to its credit. “This is due in large measure to the attention we pay to cow health and comfort,” explains Don. “We take great pride in maintaining clean equipment and clean and neat barns. We provide a comfortable environment for our cows and they seem to appreciate it. They always reward us with great milk.” For the Dimocks, focusing on the details is the key to success.

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