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Desserts are a welcome treat any day. Whether enjoyed as a delicious way to celebrate a special occasion, shared with a loved one over a conversation, made for a friend or colleague who can use a little cheering up or to give yourself a little reward at the end (or in the middle) of the day.

When you’re craving chocolate, try these delicious Greek Yogurt Brownies (try making a Brownie Ice Cream Sundae with them!), this decadent Barstow’s Longview Farm’s Turtle Cheesecake, this rich Chocolate Layer Cake with Chocolate Frosting, this refreshing Chocolate-Peanut Butter-Banana Smoothie or this yummy Cheddar Cheese Fudge.

If you’re looking for easy dessert ideas, cake recipes or more involved baking recipes, you’ll find a ton of inspiration for whatever type of dessert you desire in our extensive collection. Happy baking and dessert making!