Davis Dairy Farm

Sterling, CT
145 milking cows

Hands-on happiness

The Davis family has owned land and farmed in Connecticut since 1632. Andy Davis Sr. bought the family’s current farm in 1969 and currently operates it with his sons, Brad and Andy, Jr. They each have a son and daughter, and Brad’s son plans to return to work on the farm once he retires from the Air Force. The farm sees a happy parade of grandchildren who visit frequently. They love to feed the calves, help out with milking and fish in the river that circles the farm.

We're so grateful to be part of this community. The town is always there when we need them.
- Brad Davis

Legendary cows

Every farmer thinks his or her cows are special, but Davis Dairy Farm has had more of its share of special. First there was Miss Daisy, who was often harnessed to a wooden cart to gives rides to local children. On one special day in 2009, this usually docile and obedient cow refused to follow orders. Instead of going where she was supposed to, Miss Daisy turned in the opposite direction and broke into a trot toward the barn, shaking her head all the way. When the group arrived, they found the barn had caught fire. Miss Daisy immediately earned the stature of a local hero. That same year, a calf was born in December with the unmistakable sign of white cross on its head. They named it Moses.

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