Cushman Farm

North Franklin, CT
1,800 acres
700 milking cows

Building on his roots

The Cushmans have been farming in Connecticut for six generations. Nate Cushman’s father took over the family farm in 1936 and Nate grew up working on the farm, milking cows before he headed off to school in the morning. He went on to study agricultural economics and earn both a bachelor’s and master’s of science at the University of Connecticut. Nate combined his deeply felt roots in dairy with his education to help grow the family operation to support the dreams of future generations of both Cushmans and their business partners, the Smith family.

Specialty Foods

Doing it for themselves

In addition to being members of Cabot Creamery Cooperative, the Cushman Farm is a member of The Farmer’s Cow, a cooperative of six Connecticut family-owned dairy farms. Thanks to public support of local agriculture, they have been successfully marketing their milk, creams and other local products including eggs, apple cider, and ice cream for well over a decade. Their products can be found in stores and restaurants across the state and during special events like summertime ice cream socials at the farm itself!

Find out about special on-farm events, like ice cream socials, and where to buy Farmer’s Cow milk, cream, ice cream and seasonal eggnog here.

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