Creek's Edge Elk Farm

Fort Plain, NY
300 acres
100 milking cows (and 20 elk)

From Elsie to elk

Most dairy farmers have their hands full with their cows, but some crave something a little… well, taller. “For the first 13 years, we were your traditional dairy farmers, explains Susan Keith. She and her husband, Joe, grew up on dairy farms in Massachusetts. But as affordable farm land became more scarce, they moved to New York, leaving Susan’s childhood farm, the same one that produced Elsie the Borden Cow back in the 1930s. About a dozen years after the move, when their daughter, Stacy, was nearing college graduation, the family considered ways to expand the business and came upon the idea of raising elk meat along with the dairy.

Three generations live and work side by side.
Susan grew up on the farm made famous by Elsie the Borden cow.
"What more can we say? We love this life. We want this life. We want to farm for you."
- Susan Keith

Visit the Creek's Edge Elk Farm to learn more about their farm family business and enjoy specialty products that you can purchase and bring home to friends and family. 


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