Country Cousins Farm

Evans Mill, NY
200 acres
55 milking cows

Back to the farm

Near the beautiful 1000 Lakes, Stan and Sharon Horning are first-generation dairy farmers though they’ve been at it now for more than a quarter century. They moved from Pennsylvania where Stan grew up in a strong farming community. As a kid, he loved visiting and helping out on his grandfather’s farm in Lancaster, PA. Then, as a young man, he started working on his uncle’s farm after working for a few years in construction.

Specialty Foods
Everything we do has tangible results. Seeing what comes from your labor makes it all worthwhile.
- Stan Horning

Taste of farm life

The Hornings also host guests with the warmth and generosityas their farm name promisesof your country cousins. Children and adults alike love the peace and nature of the farm. They can feed a newborn calf, cuddle with kittens, play with the farm dog, take a hayride, milk a cow, throw hay bales, or help garden. There will also be time to sit on the front porch with a cup of coffee, walk on one of many trails, or play old-fashioned board games. Wrap up your days with delicious, filling, homecooked meals made by Sharon. Nothing’s sweeter than a slice of homemade cake or pie on the porch watching fireflies dance over the fields to a symphony of cows mooing contentedly in the barn.

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