Corse Family Farm

Whitingham, VT
Organic herd of 60

A hill farm

Leon, his wife, Linda and their daughter, Abbie, farm in the foothills of the Green Mountains on land that has been in the family since 1868. Farmers usually prefer flat, wide-open land, Leon explains. “Most would cringe if you asked them to farm land like this,” he continues. “But it’s ours, and we wouldn’t trade it. We’re hill farmers. We farm differently.” Linda jokes that she fell in love with the land, “even before I fell in love with Leon. There’s just something about this place.”

The Corse Farm is an old hill farm.
“Farming is our way of life. We can’t imagine living any other way."
- Linda Corse

Future success

Abbie has also brought the next generation, her sons, Eli and Niko, onto the farm and, in 2013, the family conserved their farm with the Vermont Land Trust. “As I look back at each generation, I can see what each did to ensure the farm’s future success,” says her father. “For us, I feel the decision to become certified organic and to conserve the farm are what will ensure this place will continue.”

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