Coon Brothers Farm

Amenia, NY
2,200 acres
350 milking cows

The business of farming

Three generations of Coons currently work on the family dairy in the bucolic Smithfield Valley about 100 miles north of New York City. Since the farm began as Smithfield Guernseys, Dirck Coon and his sons, Peter and Dave have been joined by Peter’s sons, Isaac and Amos, who work together with other family members and employees to milk about 350 cows, care for another 250 young stock and raise a variety of crops. It takes careful management and pragmatism. “We love the life and the work,” says Peter. But this is a business too, and you have to plan for everything.”

A couple generations of Coon brothers.
Raising the next generation of farmers and cows.
“We're not looking for glamor from this life. There's plenty to laugh and live for, sure. But we like to go about our business without fuss or fanfare."
- Peter Coon

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