Coombs Hill Farm

Colrain, MA

Ten generations

Karen Herzig grew up on her family’s Coombs Hill Farm, where her Scottish ancestors first settled in 1752. She and her husband, Charles, took over from Karen’s parents, Russ and Sandy, making them the ninth generation. Their son, Eric, makes the proud tenth generation. He is deeply committed to the family farm, finding something to appreciate in every season. “Nothing better than some second-cut alfalfa being ground up with a hint of spring in the air,” says Eric.

We're fortunate to be able to spend our days out here in the fields with them. We love our ladies on the farm.
- Karen Herzig

Slice of farm life

Like so many other farm families, the Herzigs welcome groups from schools to scouts on tours of the farm. Karen welcomes the chance to show off her lifelong home and the farm. “We love to have visitors and show them a slice of dairy farming,” she says. “It builds support for the industry and lets people know just how much work goes into bringing safe and nutritious dairy products to their supermarket.”

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