Conant's Riverside Farm

Richmond, VT
1000 acres
450 milking cows

A farm education

The first thing city girl Alison Kosakowski-Conant learned when she joined her husband’s eighth-generation farming family was not to make any firm plans from early April through Thanksgiving. She quickly realized that farmers must truly make hay (or do any other number of weather-dependent tasks) while the sun shines. After a spring of preparing all the equipment for fieldwork and getting fencing repaired for animals out on pasture, “You know it’s all going to break loose,” her mother-in-law, Deb, says with a smile. “There will be four million shades of green on the hillside and endless days filled with cows and crops.”

Dave was just a teenager as he helped his mother keep the family farm going.
The family has been farming since 1854.
“I’ve always loved the farm and it’s always been a part of me."
- Ransom Conant

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