Seriously Sharp + Chorizo

Seriously Sharp’s bold flavor and texture is a perfect match for the spicy, smoky taste of chorizo. Place chunks of Seriously Sharp Cheddar Cheese, diced chorizo, and green olives on small skewers for a fun, festive, and flavorful appetizer.


Extra Sharp + Ham

Extra Sharp Cheddar’s citrusy tang cuts through the salty sweetness of ham for a luscious combination. Wrap a few slices of Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, ham, lettuce, tomato and low-fat mayo in a whole wheat tortilla for a healthy, delicious lunch.


Farmhouse Reserve + Salami

Farmhouse Reserve’s rich flavor and slight crumble is complemented by the spicy, slightly fatty texture of salami. Layer a piece of Farmhouse Reserve Cheddar Cheese between two salami slices for an easy, low-carb slider. For some sweetness, skewer on a ripe cherry tomato.


White Oak + Prosciutto

White Oak’s subtle sweetness and smooth texture nicely balances a salty, full-flavored Prosciutto. Elevate your Prosciutto and melon appetizer with a hearty slice of White Oak Cheddar Cheese.

Pepper Jack + Capicola

Pepper Jack’s subtle heat and creamy texture contrasts the slight fattiness of Capicola. Stuff pickled cherry peppers with a Pepper Jack Cheese cube and a piece of Capicola for a flavorful addition to your meat & cheese board.

Vermont Sharp + Pepperoni

Vermont Sharp’s slight sweetness and buttery tang pairs well with the smoky, garlicky flavor of pepperoni. Top pizza crust with marinara, pepperoni, and grated Vermont Sharp Cheddar Cheese for an extra-special pizza night.

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