Chambers Farm, LLC

1,800 acres
920 milking cows

“A family tradition”

As the Chambers Farm sign proudly proclaims, farming has been “a family tradition” since 1898and the tradition continues. The baton has passed into the hands of Dan Chambers, who grew up the second youngest of six kids and eventually joined his parents, Ken and Peg, to keep the farm going. “I just love being outside, being with cows, raising the crops and being your own boss,” Dan says. “It’s something new every day.”

“It’s a family business and it’s awesome working with family. Who can say that?"
- Morgan (Chambers) Idzenga

Riding shotgun

One of the reasons the Chambers want to be able to take time off are grandchildren, now numbering two, who love to help feed the calves and ride along in the tractor as soon as they’re old enoughThere’s one other extra guest who really likes to ride shotgun in the cab, too, Miss Lucy, an endearing basset hound who also bonds with the calves and takes her role on the farm very seriously.

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