Caverly Farms LLC

Clinton, ME
1,000+ acres
400 milking cows

From 4-H to 400 milkers

The Caverly Farm started out close to 75 years ago as a small 4-H project for the family, a passion that has grown into a multi-generation business. In 1962, Frank Caverly formed a partnership with his brothers EC and Pudge and now runs the farm with his son, Neal, and nephew, Brian. They are joined by Frank’s wife along with Brian’s wife and daughter; Neal’s wife also helps out.

The Caverlys crop over 1,000 acres.
The herd is a mix of Holsteins and Ayrshires.
“You face challenges early and often. This is a unique kind of life. The farm matures people more quickly."
- Neal Caverly

Good ambassadors

The Caverlys love to share their farm with others. They host an open house for at least 400 visitors every year with a milking demonstration, a small petting zoo and chocolate milk and cookies. Its all part of being good ambassadors for the industry and helping people understand how important family farms are to our economy and our heritage,” says Frank. “People see how much we love it, and they walk away with a new appreciation for what dairy farming is all about.”

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