Carsada Dairy

Malone, NY
3,000 acres (owned & rented)
1,500 milking cows

Precious Heritage

In 1930, when Frank and Edith Moore bought their 120-acre farm in Malone, they walked 30 Holstein cattle 35 miles to the new farm over the course of three days. Twenty-five years later, their eldest son Carl, took over the farm and then, under the difficult circumstances of Carl’s unexpected death, his son David was suddenly in charge. “I was just 21. It was really hard,” David admits. “It was dark days.” David and his wife Kris raised four children on the farm, three of whom have come back after college and veterinary school. “I don’t know if I have words to describe it,” Kris says. “We’re just so happy to be able to carry on my husband’s heritage.” 

The farm’s name, Carsada, honors Carl and Sally Moore and their son, David.
“My brothers are my closest friends. I'm proud of the skills & work ethic they have.” -Carl Moore.
"When your kids get how much work it is, but want to come back, it's such a blessing." Kris Moore.
"It's time for my family and I to use our skills collectively to try & be the best at what we do." Aaron Moore.
What means the most to me is that we can work land that has been farmed by our family for four generations now.
- Sam Moore

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