Carlwood Farm

Canaan, CT
200 acres
50 milking cows

Barnwork preferred

Sandy Boardman’s great-grandfather emigrated from Sweden and bought the family’s first plot of farmland near Canaan in the early 1900s. The second of five kids, Sandy always knew it was the life for her. “I would escape from the house to avoid housework,” she says. “I loved playing with the animals, loving helping clean the barn and tagging around after my dad.”

Learning all the time

Sandy’s father, Doug Carlson, has been focused on the family farm since he was just 16, and his father passed away. Together with Crystalle, his wife of 50-plus years, he ran the farm and raised their family. Doug counts the fact that all five graduated from college as one of his greatest achievements. “We never had much money, and still don’t, but through our church, the Future Farmers of America and 4-H, all of our kids were able to go to college,” says Doug. “And I am so thankful to have Sandy working with me day in and day out.”

Family that farms together.
Sandy Boardman always knew she wanted to farm.
"Producing great milk is what’s important. And family. That's why we do what we do, every day, together."
- Doug Carlson

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