C & M Dairy, LLC

Lisbon, NY
2,000 acres
575 milking cows

Stronger together

In 2008, two longtime dairy farming families joined forces to create C&M Dairy, LLC. The Chesters of Cedar Meadows Farm and the Moultons of Paradise Valley Farm combined acreage and animals to work together to keep their operations going in far northern New York just twelve miles south of the Canadian border. Cedar Meadows dated back to 1970, while Paradise Valley was started in 1923. Each farm had multiple generations under its belt before the families concluded that it made sense to collaborate for efficiency and healthy life-work balance for everyone.

Move forward

In addition to family, C&M Dairy employs eight others who are a critical part of the team. The Chesters and Moultons believe they are successful because they have stayed true to values created by the older generations: truth, honesty and when problems arise, they do what they have to in order to keep the farm strong. These arent always easy choices to make, they acknowledge, but they know the importance of making them to move forward.

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