Brooks Farm

Canaan, ME
182 acres
35 milking cows

Young farmer

Looking back, Nathaniel Brooks figures he fell in love with dairy farming before he was even old enough to realize it. He recalls being about six years old and standing in the barn at his best friend’s family farm. “I remember looking up at the cows and how big they were,he says. As he got older, Nathanial would go over to spend the day and end up helping out for most of it. That turned into a job during high school and then full-time following graduation. “I’ve just always enjoyed it,” he says simply.

Farm Stand
At the end of the day, I just want to make everything quality. Everything we do, everyday, is to make it quality.
- Nathaniel Brooks

Inheriting customers

His great-grandparents ran a commercial vegetable operation for 40 years and, with the help of his grandfather, Dave Goodridge, Nathanial cultivates about eight acres of sweet corn, winter squash and pumpkins. (Dave is in his early 80s and also hauls milk for the co-op.) “I still have some of their customers,” Nathaniel says, “and people will stop by who remember working for them.” He also counts himself lucky to have critical family support from his wife, Sarah, a nurse, and his father, Kevin, and brother, Thad, who help with cropping. His mother, Tammi, also looks after the farmstand during the day. “Family is a big part of it,” Nathaniel says. “At the end of the day, I just want to make everything quality: whether it’s baleage for the cows, milk going into the tank or sweet corn for the farmstand.”

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