Brookbound Farm

Burnt Hills, NY
200 acres
36 milking cows

Preserving heritage

The Van Vorst family has farmed just south of Saratoga Springs for more than 200 years. “You don’t see that too often, but we don’t shout about it all the time,” says Andrew Van Vorst. He now runs the operation with his daughter, Emma, the tenth generation, who is raising her own two children on the farm. “I was always so proud of how old the farm was and all the people that came before me,” Emma says. “My biggest reward is getting to wake up and work in a barn my great-grandfather built and milk cows my grandfather bred. My goal is to preserve the land that has been passed down in our family.”

Two centuries and counting.
Andrew was thrilled when daughter, Emma, decided to farm.
“People stop me and tell me they’re happy we’re still here."
- Andrew Van Vorst

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