Blue Spruce Farm

Bridport, VT
3,000 acres
1,500 milking cows

Power pioneer

The average person wouldn’t look at a cow pat and think “clean energy,” but Blue Spruce Farm has been a pioneer in efficiently recycling manure from their cows into electric power, fertilizer and even cozy bedding for their herd. In partnership with Green Mountain Power, the farm served as the pilot dairy for theCow Power program in which cow manure is bio-digested into energy that not only provides electricity for the farm but also powers more than 400 Vermont homes. It has connected us with our community in an unprecedented way,” says Marie Audet whose husband, Eugene, serves on the co-op’s board of directors.

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Watch Agri-Mark Board Member, Eugene Audet, talk about life on the farm.
We are driven to do the right thing. Make the world a better place, give back, take care of our Earth and community. That's farming for us.
- Marie Audet

Long tradition

The family has collected a treasure chest of awards and recognition, but that is not what drives them. Today, the third generation is being raised on the farm and there are more than 20 involved family members who recognize that sustainability is a crucial part of being able to hand the farm down. It’s not a new concept for the Audets. Eugene’s parents started the farm in 1958. “We have a long tradition. Caring for our animals and our land is who we are, even though now people have fancy names for it, like ‘sustainability’,” Marie says with a laugh. “We are constantly finding new and better ways to produce quality milk in a way that is good for our animals, good for the environment and good for our community,” she says. “We’re driven to do the right thing.”

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