Pairing Suggestions

Strive for balance by pairing flavors with similar intensities. For example, Belgian-style beers love Seriously Sharp cheddar’s bite, while porters and stouts revel in Pepper Jack’s creamy kick of spice & heat. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to pair beer with cheese. Let your taste buds be your guide and have fun. The best possible pairings are the ones that you find the most delicious!

Temperature: Cheese is at its best when served at room temperature. Pull your cheese out of the fridge 30 minutes prior to serving to bring out the richest flavor & best consistency. Your beer will also deliver its fullest flavor when it’s not ice cold.

Body: When you’re pairing, start with lighter cheeses and lower-alcohol beers before moving on to heavier tastes and higher-alcohol brews. 

Contrast: Pair to complement, but also to contrast. For example, try a sharp cheddar with a malty, mellow brown ale. This will add an element of the unexpected to your pairings and create surprising new tastes.

Did you know?  Local cattle farmers use the spent grain generated from the beer brewing process to feed their cows. The mash is inexpensive compared to the soybean or corn feed that’s available, and it’s better for the cows. Over seven dry weight tons of used grains (aka “spent mash”) are offered to local dairy farms as a valuable food source for dairy cows. This completes a renewable energy loop where Vermont cows feed on spent mash from the brewery while the brewery purchases renewable Cow Power™ energy produced by Vermont cows.