Check out the Cabot Farmers’ favorite pairings!

Crisp Fragrant Flavor + Naturally-Aged Bite

Apple Characteristics: Heart-shaped, yellow-orange with red striping, mild, sweet but juicy, ripens mid-August to early-September. 

Cheese Pairing: The Gala apple is perfect for snacking or as a topping on a salad.  It’s crisp fragrant flavor is best enjoyed with the naturally-aged bite of Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar.  The combination is balanced and perfect for an afternoon snack.  Short on time? Try Cabot Cracker Cuts! 

Creamy Smooth + Tart Bite

Apple Characteristics: Deep green with an occasional pink blush, tart and juicy, ripens mid- to late-October. 

Cheese Pairing: The Granny Smith is known for its tartness. Cabot Pepper Jack brings a creamy smooth texture to balance the tartness, then kicks in a little spice at the end to heat things up. 

Nutty Sharpness + Honey Sweet

Apple Characteristics: A red and yellow apple that while a newer variety to the American palate, has quickly gained fame for its delicious crisp taste with sweet honey notes. 

Cheese Pairing: Cabot Alpine Cheddar is the perfect complement to this popular apple variety.  The nutty sharpness of the cheese plays on the honey sweetness of the Honeycrisp for a flavor combination that was meant to be.

Delicious Pairing Ideas

  • Extra Sharp & Gala
    Bacon, Maple Glazed Walnuts, Rosemary
  • Alpine & Honey Crisp
    Prosciutto, Fig Jam, Thyme
  • Extra Sharp & Gala
    Bacon, Maple Candy, Rosemary
  • Hot Habanero & Braeburn
    Grainy Mustard, Salami, Pickle
Sweet, Juicy + Wild-Natured Sharpness

Apple Characteristics: Red and green skin, sweet, extra juicy, ripens in early-September. 

Cheese Pairing: Another apple great for snacking, the refreshingly sweet tart flavor plays well against the wild-natured sharpness of Cabot's Seriously Sharp.

Spicy Sweet + Bold Flavor

Apple Characteristics: Greenish gold combined with red to nearly solid red in color. Rich, spicy-sweet, crisp, juicy to taste. Ripens early- to mid-October. 

Cheese Pairing: One of nature's most versatile apples, the Braeburn's spicy sweet, high-impact flavor requires bold, powerhouse cheese to stand up to it.  Cabot Habanero cheddar won’t let you down.  

Sweet, Juicy + Smooth, Mellow

Apple Characteristics: Ranges from very red to yellow-green with red highlights, super sweet, super juicy, ripens late season, mid- to late-October. 

Cheese Pairing: The Fuji is a versatile variety, great for snacking, backing, or adding to a dish for a fresh topping.  Cabot Sharp Light Cheddar’s smooth mellow profile provides a nice backdrop to the sweetness and bright flavor of the fuji.

Apple Storage & Selection

Author, poet and naturalist Henry David Thoreau called the apple "the noblest of all fruits" and it's no wonder; apples are truly a work of nature. Whether red, yellow, pink, green, the best way to judge an apple is by its firmness to the touch, not its color.