Alvirne School Farm

Hudson, NH
250 acres
15 milking cows

School to farm

Like many areas of the country, suburban Nashua, New Hampshire has seen its agricultural land steadily replaced by housing subdivisions thanks to its location about 45 miles northwest of Boston. Along with the loss of farms comes decreased understanding of what it takes to grow, raise and craft food. Alvirne High School is working to fill that gap with programs including a small dairy herd that has offered hands-on experience to students since the early 1950s. “It’s important to show that agriculture is still vibrant,” explains Suzanne Roark, Alvirne’s farm-community liaison. My mission is to get everybody to like and appreciate agriculture.”

Students help run the dairy operation at Alvirne High School.
Culinary students benefit from the direct farm links.
“It’s good for students to see where their food comes from and how much work goes into it."
- Farm manager Emery Nadeau

It isn't your average high school experience. Want to see for yourself? Visit the Alvirne High School, and keep up-to-date with school happenings.

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