Pineland Farms

New Gloucester, ME
5,000 acres
75 milking cows

Up close farming

The office of Pineland Farms’ dairy herd manager is in the corner of the calf barn. From there, N.A. Martin can see many of the thousands of children who come through annually with school groups or on family visits to the dairy that is part of the unique 5,000-acre working farm, business campus and educational and recreational venue open to the public. The calves are a big draw, of course. “They are pretty receptive to little people who want to pet them,” Martin says. “I think it’s a neat experience for folks who might not have the opportunity to be up close to animals and to provide people a chance to understand a bit more about farming and where their food comes from.”

Pineland Farms offers model farming and more.
The property is owned by a nonprofit.
Visitors can watch cheesemaking.
It is a popular wedding site, too.

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